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Alcohol and insurance

From Vegas to Kuala Lumpa, wherever you are, it pays to be safe and to check your insurance policy before you might need it. Alcohol often plays a part in declined claims and subsequent complaints to the IFSO Scheme.

Story from Stuff: 22 September, 2019

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Two-year insurance battle over pool

An Aucklander wasn’t covered for the damage to his neighbour’s land after his swimming pool collapsed. His complaint was one of 322 to the IFSO Scheme last year. Policy exclusions were the most common issue.

Story from NZ Herald: 12 September, 2019

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No insurance for man who skipped flight to make cruise

Concerned a flight would be cancelled and they’d miss their cruise, a couple decided instead to 10-hour train trip. Their claim for the cost was declined and they complained to the IFSO Scheme.

Story from Stuff: 12 September, 2019

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Financial adviser complaint

Last year, the IFSO Scheme received only three cases about financial advisers. In this case there was no evidence to show the adviser had misled their client.

Story from Good Returns: 4 September, 2019

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Karen Stevens on non-disclosure, RNZ

Over 24 years, the IFSO Scheme has dealt with hundreds of non-disclosure complaints. Law change is imminent and Tower is making changes already.

Listen to the Radio NZ interview with IFSO Karen Stevens: 10 July, 2019

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