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Flood Claim Tips

Mud, silt and sewage have been left behind in Nelson and Marlborough homes after a deluge of rain brought flooding and slips. But, if you're allowed back home, how do you clean it up? Here's what you need to know:

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The word Asia is in Australasia

A Kiwi holidaymaker landed with a $28,000 hospital bill after contracting Covid-19 in India thought his insurance would cover him because "Asia" was in the word "Australasia".

But his insurer said the term Australasia was only broadly applicable to treatment in Australia and New Zealand.

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Fraud vs non-disclosure

The Insurance & Financial Services Ombudsman Scheme (IFSO) isn’t in the business of detecting, reporting and reducing insurance fraud; that is the job of the Insurance Fraud Bureau New Zealand (IFB) and insurers. However, IFSO does encounter insurance complaints where fraud and the separate issue of non-disclosure are factors. Read on to find out the difference between them.

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New Insurance Contracts Bill "can't come soon enough."

The new Insurance Contracts Bill intends to update and consolidate the country’s existing insurance laws. Of the reforms, “the big one” for the IFSO Scheme relates to the issue of non-disclosure.

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Featured Case Studies

Payout brings more pain image
Cover confusion causes more pain for severely injured man
In a recent complaint to the IFSO Scheme, Sai* was seriously injured in a car accident, and suffered...
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Responsible lending disputed image
Beneficiary caring for three grandchildren given loan she couldn't repay
Mrs Clayton* was given a loan despite having three bank balances of $0 and making regular payments t...
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Steak cooked in a toaster sparks disaster image
The unusual preparation of a meal caused a catastrophe in which a couple lost their home.
Mr H* had a craving for steak and chips. For reasons unknown, he decided to cook his steak in a toaster.
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Increasing premiums image
Lucy and Michael* said they were misled when their life insurance premiums increased nearly three-fold.
The couple complained to the IFSO Scheme that "rate for age" was never explained and they were told ...
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